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eatstoomuchjam's Journal

Squirty "Stickybuns" von Cherrypants
9 May 1976
I am an effective, versatile cleaner that kills 99.9% of household germs. I remove grease and clean household surfaces, even glass to a sparkling, streak-free shine.
To operate: Rotate nozzle to on position and spray.

Turn off household appliances before using me. Test on painted areas or other surfaces first. I am not recommended for finished wood surfaces. I contain no phosphorous.

WARNING: It is a violation of federal law to use me in a way inconsistent with my labeling. I am dangerous to humans and domestic animals. Please avoid contact with your eyes and clothing. I should be stored out of the reach of children.
8-bit nintendo, a touch of evil, abandoned buildings, adbusters, akira kurosawa, alejandro jodorowsky, alex de la iglesia, anita mui, better off dead, biking, bio-zombie, blade runner, blue velvet, bowling, bruce mcculloch, cabaret voltaire, canon, catacombs, caves, charles bukowski, chow yun-fat, chris elliott, circuit bending, classic video games, clive barker, costuming, creative preservation, crispin hellion glover, crown graphic, culture jamming, danny elfman, dario argento, dark humor, david cronenberg, david lynch, devo, diamanda galas, dorothy parker, down by law, driving through fog, edward gorey, einstuerzende neubauten, empty amusement parks, eraserhead, evil dead, faith no more, family guy, film noir, fishing with john, foggy cityscapes, forbidden zone, franz kafka, freebsd, fritz lang, futurama, get a life, ghost dog, gormenghast, graflex, harold and maude, hellraiser, hong kong cinema, horror films, ilford, industrial music, ingmar bergman, jan svankmajer, jet li, jim jarmusch, john kricfalusi, john waters, john woo, kids in the hall, kraftwerk, la femme nikita, laibach, leica, leopold von sacher-masoch, luc besson, lucozade, mamiya, mark leyner, michelle yeoh, mines, minolta, mo lei tau, monkeys, mr. bungle, ms. pacman, nick cave, night photography, obscure cameras, oingo boingo, old cameras, one crazy summer, ossuaries, peeps, peter jackson, photography, photography by candlelight, pirates, poop, poop jokes, portishead, redneck zombies, ren and stimpy, repo man, roger corman, roller coasters at night, root beer, rubin and ed, savage steve holland, schizopolis, seijun suzuki, selenium, shinya tsukamoto, slack, sledge hammer, split toning, stanley kubrick, steam tunnels, sushi, takeshi kitano, talvin singh, tapeheads, the ben stiller show, the brothers quay, the dark backward, the goonies, the marquis de sade, the misfits, the prisoner, the professional, the simpsons, the trial, the young ones, tim burton, tom waits, toy cameras, troma movies, tunnels, twin peaks, urban exploration, utility tunnels, video games, videodrome, white castle, wim wenders, wings of desire, zombies