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A couple of things!

A few things:
1) Due to an employee departure, it is likely that I will have a new position opening on my team soon for a Unix Admin/NOC person. It's one of the extremely rare times that I'll be hiring in someone for day shift. It's somewhere between entry level and mid-level in terms of skillset. I'll post more details when/if the replacement req has been approved. In the meantime, if you know any fledgling Unix folks who might want a job, please feel free to tell them to start polishing up the resume. I don't want to start collecting resumes until I have an approved req so don't send anything my way yet!

2) I'm told that finding a good tattoo artist can be a tricky process. Who here knows one that would be good with fairly precise architectural line drawings? I'm thinking of getting my first one sometime soon-ish.

3) Hi Livejournal! I only really ever seem to use you for asking questions lately. I'm a neglectful livejournal-er. So sorry about that. I'd promise to get better, but we both know that ain't happening!
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Selby Streetcar Tunnel

Hello, Livejournal. I've been neglecting you almost completely for some time now. After today's post, I'll probably go back to being similarly unattentive for a while...

I finally got access to a scanner which can handle large format film so I've begun the lengthy process of making enormous files out of my 4x5 stuff.

This is a photo of the Selby Streetcar Tunnel in St. Paul. It was originally constructed in 1905 to provide a more gradual incline than nearby Selby Hill where cars had been running for some time already. After the streetcars stopped using it, homeless people used it for shelter until the city finally sealed both ends of it. The upper entrance has been buried, but the lower level has only a concrete wall protecting it.
For a long time the tunnel was one of the holy grails of the Minneapolis urban exploring scene. Rumors abounded of it having some sort of connection to the basement of the nearby catheral, but even if they hadn't, any tunnel so well-sealed is going to tempt every urban explorer in town.
Needless to say, after a hole was created in the lower wall (by persons unknown!) sometime in 2005, most of the local explorers flocked to the tunnel. Sadly, I was not among the first wave or the second wave, but even if the entire MSP UE scene ad been there before me, I was still one of 25-30 to have seen this tunnel in 10 or more years.
The interior was not inherently exciting. The walls were fairly plain. There was no connection to the cathedral. The detritus left behind in homeless encampments littered the floor. Two sets of tracks ran along the tunnel as a reminder of its former purpose.
As was the style at the time, my friends and I lit it with tealight candles. We made a best effort to conceal ost of them among the detritus to avoid the "thousand points of light" effect so despised by at least one of us (personally I don't mind it).
I believe I'd forgotten the quickrelease plate that I need to mate camera with tripod so I used a bucket for some of my photos (I think the digital) and then I used either the bucket or a friend's tripod for the others.

This was some sort of ridiculously long exposure using a Toyo-Field 45A with a Nikkor 65mm lens on Astia 100F.

Historic photos of the Selby Tunnel can be found here.
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Attention, nerds!

(Sorry it's been a while since I updated... life keeps getting in the way of Livejournal)

I have had a couple of new requisitions approved for my team and I would like to move around a couple of existing employees to fill them. I'll need to backfill their existing positions - so I'm looking for a couple of good nerds to work in a NOC/Unix Admin capacity.

One of the two positions is Wednesday-Friday 4pm-12am and Saturday 12pm-12am.
The other is Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm (or 4pm-12am, ideally, but that seems unrealistic).

Here's a copy of the (fairly generic) job posting. If you or somebody that you know is interested and/or qualified, please feel free to forward their resume to me.

Systems Engineer

Maintain, monitor and analyze system-related issues for e-commerce platforms
Respond to incoming business user technical requests and issues
Project work relating to e-commerce infrastructure support

2 years + Unix operating system with a focus on Solaris OS (Linux is also helpful)
2 years + Understanding of e-commerce applications (Apache, J2EE, Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL)
2 years + Familiarity with scripting (shell/bash and perl)

Solaris, Redhat Linux, Apache, Samba, ssh, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP networking, Sun/Dell server hardware

Technical degree preferred

Good communications and troubleshooting skills required
Software development experience a plus
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"It's so hard to believe!"

I don't post here much anymore and I haven't really been keeping up with my friends list. Ever since I got promoted at work, it's been a lot harder to keep up with online stuff. I apologize that I've been conspicuously absent lately and I can't promise that I'll be any less absent in the coming weeks!

This picture is of some radar calibration targets from a Titan I missile base in Colorado.

EOS 5D w/ 50/1.4.
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"... and I could!"

Here's the first from Jeffrey City, Wyoming. It was a uranium mining town when it was in operation, but it closed down in the 80's when the price of uranium dropped after a couple of reactors here and there blew up or almost blew up. There are still a few people living in the town, but for the most part it's large boarded up company dormitory-type buildings like this one or blocks upon blocks of vacant lots, some of which still have fences up.
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"Poor John Finn... lie dead upon the ground..."

Here's Gilman again - main street! This time it's in infrared. There's a weird dark spot which I should be able to tech out if I decide that it bugs me more than it does now - could be uneven processing or mishandling of the film or... who knows?

RB67 w/ 127/3.5KL on Maco IR820C.
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Redrum! Redrum!

Here's the "scariest" room at Gilman. Though it might be more effective if someone told the people who did this to remove their paint bucket from the room (or pick a color more closely resembling dried blood).

RB67 w/ 50/4.5C on Reala.
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"So do what you want to do..."

Here's the first of my pictures from Memorial Day weekend.
This is from Gilman, CO - a former Zinc mining town located near Vail - and the first place where I got to enjoy the effects of drinking at altitude. With scenery like this and a fifth of Wild Turkey 101, it was difficult to go wrong!

RB67 w/ 127/3.5 KL on Reala.
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LJ Alternative

If you were setting up a LJ to act as a haven to all of the users being unceremoniously booted from the existing one (in a thinly-veiled witch hunt against sexual content), what would you call it?