Squirty "Stickybuns" von Cherrypants (eatstoomuchjam) wrote,
Squirty "Stickybuns" von Cherrypants

A couple of things!

A few things:
1) Due to an employee departure, it is likely that I will have a new position opening on my team soon for a Unix Admin/NOC person. It's one of the extremely rare times that I'll be hiring in someone for day shift. It's somewhere between entry level and mid-level in terms of skillset. I'll post more details when/if the replacement req has been approved. In the meantime, if you know any fledgling Unix folks who might want a job, please feel free to tell them to start polishing up the resume. I don't want to start collecting resumes until I have an approved req so don't send anything my way yet!

2) I'm told that finding a good tattoo artist can be a tricky process. Who here knows one that would be good with fairly precise architectural line drawings? I'm thinking of getting my first one sometime soon-ish.

3) Hi Livejournal! I only really ever seem to use you for asking questions lately. I'm a neglectful livejournal-er. So sorry about that. I'd promise to get better, but we both know that ain't happening!
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